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A growing business means a need for updated IT that grows along with and integrates the ever-changing upgrades and updates needed to keep your business cutting edge. Lantelligent brings the expertise in upgrades, migration, and troubleshooting of any IT issues to keep your business up and running.

It is our focus to provide prompt and responsive IT support throughout the Houston area. This focus is guaranteed to maintain your infrastructure running at peak performance while being cost-effective. Lantelligent uses the integrated approach of a detailed-oriented process and a team with a wide skill-set to manage and adapt your network for maximum performance while lowering costs and stress.

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IT Services from lantelligent

We operate to make sure you receive the highest quality IT support and services our field has to offer.
Lantelligent Is Attentive
Our simplistic approach means we communicate with you to discover what your company's unique needs and goals are. We take this information and analyze the best plan of action to assist and boost your IT systems.
Lantelligent Review
We review your current technology systems already in place to uncover any hidden issues, deficiencies, and opportunities for growth. After our review, we work to establish well-functioning IT infrastructure for your business,
Lantelligent Safeguards
We make sure data is completely back-up as well as protected by multi-layered security measures. Peace of mind and a resilient IT infrastructure is what you can count on when you place the safety from attacks in the hands of Lantelligent.
Lantelligent Actualizes
As a team we meet and discuss the most effective design plan with your company's goals and needs in mind. Once a plan is created, we put it into action. By seeing our plan in motion, you can feel confident that your business is getting the IT support it needs to help it grow and flourish to the company you envision.
Lantelligent Strengthens
It is vital for the health of your company to have consistent support. Our IT support can reduce downtime, maintain productivity and have peace of mind knowing you have an IT team that takes proactive steps to keep your business functional and safe.
Experienced & Knowledgeable
We have over 25 years of field experience and are always working to enhance our client-centered services. Lantelligent is partnered and certified with leading IT industry leaders, including Microsoft, Dell, HP, VMware, Veeam, and Citrix.