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The oil and gas industry is a booming field that is in constant flux. With the expansion of this worldwide industry comes the need to expand and utilize capable IT services. In the past, the only use of technology in this  industry was to successfully extract oil and natural gas from the earth. As the needs have increased it is imperative for there to be access to specialized information technology support. The bottom line is the oil and gas industry is experiencing a breakout level of data in various ways with various features. If this data is properly managed in compliance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), it can be of great benefit to this industry. Since FERC mandates are always transforming, this makes it a must to have and IT infrastructure precisely designed  for the oil and gas industry.

Lantelligent profoundly comprehends FERC regulations and their importance on your business so we provide networked systems set-up so oil and gas companies can have the freedom and peace of mind to focus on business operations with more simplicity and efficiency while staying in compliance. Let Lantelligent take care of your IT so you can focus on your operations.

Fuel your expansion with Lantelligent IT Support

IT Support for
Oil & Gas Industry by Lantelligent

Our advanced services increase efficiency in operations  and reduce costs for drilling, well completion, production, refining and linked industries.


We cannot stress enough the importance of having a highly dependable network. Modernized rigs work as part drilling device and part complex data collection center. Pipelines need 24/7 surveillance to ensure environmental safety and provide protection from service disruptions. With a steady stream of data to be collected, processed, and analyzed, having a rapid, safe and precise network managed by Lantelligent is the true way to keep it cost effective and the industry thriving.

Performance & Integration

Your business’ equipment and software performs best when it is independently functional and fully integrated. Lantelligent effectively and efficiently unifies your management systems, back office, and customer portal, leaving you with the highest performing system money can buy.


There are three main costs when receiving IT services for your business. First, is the owning and licensing cost. Second, the cost of keeping the technology operations fully functional. Third, is the preventable cost of being out of compliance. Lantelligent will make sure these costs stay low while the return on your investment remain high.


Regulations are constantly changing, because of this, it’s imperative your technology is regularly monitored and upgraded to make sure it is up to current standards. This includes how your applications store data,how the data is protected, and how effectively your network relays the information. Lantelligent enables your system to do this and we maintain this high-functioning capability.