Managed IT Services Houston

Managed Services is an all inclusive IT Support for your company. With Lantelligent, it means you have 24/7 access and monitoring via the latest monitoring tools on the market.

We use multiple applications on our clients, including LabTech, Connectwise, AVG Cloudcare, Backup Management, Email Virus & Spam Filtering while also providing onsite support for free.

It’s the all inclusive package, priced specifically with your needs. Each package is tailored made for each company to fit its needs and resolve the issues that are currently being presented.

Instead of paying an IT Company hourly maintenance on a break/fix, Managed Services is a contract which sets a fixed price so you always know what the monthly bill will be. There are no upfront costs and typically Lantelligent will work with your current IT Provider in rollingover so you never double pay for IT Services in the switch.

Reach out to a Lantelligent Sales advisor to see what Managed Service plan can do for your company.


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