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Managed Services can mean the world to saving your small to medium size business a lot in technology overhead. The term is thrown around a lot in within the IT Support Industry and many people simply don’t understand what it means.

Managed Services  is a total care package deal that would provide you with all the services your company would typically get if they employed a full time IT Department.

There are a few IT Companies in the Houston who will charge you per hour of labor or will charge you by each itemized service you use or each time the technician comes onsite or processes a ticket. This method works great if your the IT company, but typically ends up costing the client large amounts one month, a few another, then large another month giving the illusion of saving money.

What Managed Services does it eliminates the need to pay for each hour of service or ticket processed and bundles all services with an unlimited status into a predictable monthly fee. This way, your IT costs will be the same should you use 20 hours one month and 100 the next. Either way, you pay the same.

It’s an all encompassing IT Support Solution for you business that includes everything, labor, anti-virus, monitoring, on-site support, remote support, help desk and optimization.

So, when thinking about it, Managed Services is simple. It’s having the IT Department for your business available 24/7 without having to pay a team a salary, but instead, paying Lantelligent a planned, negotiated, monthly fee.

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