Nonprofit IT Support Houston
Lantelligent is an IT Service Provider in the Houston Area who is reaching out to Non-Profit organizations to offer services at extremely low budget to assist with them continue their cause.

Lantelligent has made a new commitment for Houston Non-Profit organizations by offering low budget IT Support & Services to assist them with their cause.

No matter what the cause, animal rescue, feeding the hungry or even arts and science, Lantelligent has made a commitment to provide the lowest cost IT Solutions for any Non-Profit Organization while promising to keep their service standard as standard rate clients.

They understand the needs and difficulty that a Non-Profit goes through. Specifically the technology concerns and overall budget requirements. Every dollar in extra services is a dollar lost against their cause.

This type of mindset is what sets Lantelligent apart from other companies in Houston. They are actively supporting the community and giving back where possible to help the city and community grow as one.

If you or anyone you know is involved in a Non-Profit Organization, have them reach out to Lantelligent to see what they can do to help keep your IT costs low so they can focus their organization around their passion.


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