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Lantelligent’s Data Center has gone through an overhaul last week to provide new levels of performance, security, stability and privacy for Houston businesses seeking low cost and high performance IT Services.
Houston IT Support & Services
Houston IT Support & Services

HOUSTONJuly 13, 2017PRLog — Lantelligent IT Services has revamped for businesses seeking IT Support Services & Cloud Hosting.

They have upgraded their Data Center, located in Downtown Houston to now support more clients, quicker speeds and provide more secure and stable cloud services.

The upgrade happened last week and with the new equipment are now offering private, secure and stability to businesses in The Greater Houston Area.

Most IT companies in Houston have their equipment and services provided by 3rd party vendors. This means your companies data is stored on a large server farm open to the public and open to constant attack. With Lantelligent, businesses now have the opportunity to keep their data secure, private and exceed regulations outlined by Medical, Finance & Legal businesses.

By making this investment, it also ensures cost is no concern for Lantelligent’s clients. As they own all their equipment and provide services directly, there is no up-charge that most IT Companies have to go through from a 3rd party vendor.

Ever had to contact support for your services? Ever had to be on hold or have to try to convince the vendor there’s actually an issue? Other IT Companies go through the same problem when leasing from 3rd party vendors. With Lantelligent, they own all equipment so the moment an issue is discovered, they do not have to “convince” anyone, they just fix the problem.

If security, privacy, performance and stability is a concern for your Houston business, then Lantelligent is the right company to look into.

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