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Engineering IT Support

IT Service management for Engineering & Design Companies

Engineering firms are constant recipients of new projects, and while this may mean business is continuing to flow, your IT services need to be able to flow and adapt with them. Having reliable and sustainable IT services means you can successfully complete projects, receive more projects, and keep clients satisfied.

Lantelligent IT Support gives your business an effective, budget-friendly way to ensure your technology performs well so you can get back to focusing on the core of your operations. Our team will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your assets. Our assessment will identify pertinent issues , list longer-term needs and establish priorities. Our IT services range from virus protection to long-range preparation for network security and stability, all with the intention to prevent damaging issues before they impact your operations.

discover how IT by Lantelligent will make project completion a seamless and cost-effective endeavor.

IT Solutions for
the Engineering and Design Industry by Lantelligent

Boost productivity-both in the office and in the field with our IT support

COLLABORATE At Any distance

Collaboration and teamwork need to happen anywhere and at anytime. Having an office on-the-go means you can access all your vital documents, including contracts, blueprints, and inspection reports. Lantelligent guarantees your shared network is always accessible and functional.

Scale-back on COST

With each new project your company accepts, new costs arise that you have to account for. Your IT support needs to be aligned with the needs of the project in addition to being cost-effective. We manage the IT costs that come with owning and licensing technology, the operational expenses of maintaining the technology at optimum performance, as well as keeping your business compliant.


Your engineering IT tools and software need to operate at optimal performance and be securely integrated. From project management systems to CAD/CAM we get your IT working for you. Lantelligent custom designs IT services to fit your office to your client portal, and does so while staying in budget.


Having a security plan in place will defend against any hacking attack, equipment that may get lost of damaged, or from natural disasters. Without the proper security, all of these events cause critical loss in data and project time. With enhanced IT security, delays, unexpected costs, and revenue-loss are eliminated. Your business’ critical information will be highly protected.