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When discussing about choosing an IT Provider, its wise to consider where and who is actually hosting their services. Majority of IT Companies will use 3rd party vendors to host their Terminal Services, Exchange, environment and much more. What this means is, you have an IT Company is who only providing a single portion of the services, which is basically just the setup.

At Lantelligent, we have our own private data center, located here in Houston, Texas which we own all equipment and use no hosted solutions providers beyond ourselves. This means multiple things, mainly that we have full control of your data and that is securely off of large server farms that you may find with other companies.

What this also means is we have direct control over the hardware. It some cases, companies will use these vendors and find they have been sliced out a poor section of hardware that is faulty. It is then up to the IT Company to work with the vendor and hopefully in time, they can come to a resolution or new hardware. With Lantelligent, if we notice an issue with equipment, we have direct access to fix immediately and there is no wait or 3rd party ticketing system to go through.

This means, cheaper support and services as we do not have a middle man, quicker response on hardware issues and a much more private cloud hosting as no one shares connectivity to our servers beyond our clients.

This advantage ensures we are always able to keep our clients functioning, running smoothly and always have good connectivity.


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