SPAM Filtering and Email Security Houston

When it comes to security threats, the latest being crypto-virus, one of the best solutions is to stop the problem before it gets to your computer.

The Barracuda device does just this, it provides a Spam and Virus filtering to stop both threats and annoyances from reaching your companies email. There are 3rd party providers who offer this service, however, you pay a monthly fee for each mailbox user for filtering. These companies do this for one reason, to make a profit.

By purchasing the Barracuda outright, you will find that your initial investment will pay itself off over a short term. Instead of constantly getting quietly drained monthly services ($5 per user here, $10 here), you purchase the equipment and your investment will return.

Lantelligent likes to use the Barracuda device where possible, even to lease to our clients as you will find when you do the math over a year, two or three, you realize how much money you are simply throwing away for something that can simply be purchased up front.

The other alternative is to purchase SAAS (Software as a Service) which quickly adds up over long term. Virus and Spam filtering is a requirement and something you will always need to invest in to keep your company data secure. This is a critical investment in cutting IT overhead for any company.

Lantelligent also offers and leases Spam and Virus filtering for any companies in Houston who are not willing to make that investment and a fraction of other competitors due to our business model.


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