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Backup and disaster recovery


Technology is ever-evolving, which means the challenges increase to make sure the security of your data is up-to-date.  You have to account for when systems crash or human error and when these fortuitous events occur without a well implemented backup and recovery plan many preventable issues can arise. These issues include unexpected downtime, costing you money and productivity.

Lantelligent comes in to assist and creates a vital backup and recovery systems plan that works to protect your system and your budget. We keep your business up and running, even when confronted with data loss or a disastrous event. When the unfortunate like a natural disaster, vandalism or equipment breakdown occur , virtualization components take it one step further than just simply backing up your system. In order to fully recover from these losses, having these elements built into your back up plan will allow your business to have continuity in productivity. This means, even when disaster hits, we cushion the blow to your business, keeping your business running flawlessly.

Choose lantelligent to protect your critical data.

What Do I Get with

Backup and disaster recovery services?

  • Continual Operations
  • Safeguarded Critical Data
  • HIPAA & PCI Compliance
  • A Proven Plan that Works
  • Mission-Critical Application Opportunity
  • Proactive Monitoring to Avert Catastrophic Events