Frequently Asked Questions

IT companies come and go, but Lantelligent backs up their service with 14 years of experience. Established in 2002, Lantelligent has built a reputation for honest, reliable and time sensitive service. The longevity of the company and its employees speak for itself. All of our on-site engineers have been with the company for no less than six years. They understand the client wants to be communicated with respectfully leaving out the “geek speak”. You will never be made to feel “less than” or uncomfortable when they explain any solutions with you.

Each time you call a technician will answer directly. There are no hoops to jump through to get your ticket reviewed and your issue resolved. ...

Yes, we offer Phone Systems custom built & hosted by Lantelligent to ensure you always get the highest quality at the lowest cost.

We used a combination of software to both allow remote control and full remote management/alerting. LabTech along with Connectwise give us access to the best ...

We use multiple methods to ensure your files are always secure. Speak with Lantelligent directly to see how we have a unique method to avoid ...

Please, reach out to our sales department by pressing 2 on our main line 877-526-8355. They can review any services in full detail.

You will be electronically billed monthly by our Finance Department. This will come directly to account manager’s email.

For Sure! You can login to and open/track all tickets submitted/resolved for your company!

The quickest way to open a ticket is to simply email [email protected] For emergencies, we recommend calling the help desk 24/7.

Correct. All equipment in our cloud environment is privately secured and owned by Lantelligent. This ensures optimum up time and constant control over the hardware.

All applications can be submitted under Careers section located under “About Us”