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law firm it support houston
The Difficulties of IT Support for Legal & Law Firms

There are many challenges that face Legal & Law Firms specifically when it comes to IT Support and choosing the proper IT Company. Choosing the right company can mean making or breaking your firm. The importance of billable hours means your systems must be running properly at all times, the constant access to legal documentation,  having a secure way to communicate with your client for both parties to be confident that their information is not as risk of being exposed, secure/encrypted email communication and a knowledgeable go to for help with client portals. Many Law Firms in Houston are using simply a standard IT Company and coming to find years down the road their data has been exposed or not properly secure. This is critical to their businesses success as not only loss of information is critical to the firms continuation, but accidental exposure of client sensitive data can destroy ...

Managed IT Services Houston Business Support
What Managed Services means for Houston Businesses

Managed Services can mean the world to saving your small to medium size business a lot in technology overhead. The term is thrown around a lot in within the IT Support Industry and many people simply don’t understand what it means. Managed Services¬† is a total care package deal that would provide you with all the services your company would typically get if they employed a full time IT Department. There are a few IT Companies in the Houston who will charge you per hour of labor or will charge you by each itemized service you use or each time the technician comes onsite or processes a ticket. This method works great if your the IT company, but typically ends up costing the client large amounts one month, a few another, then large another month giving the illusion of saving money. What Managed Services does it eliminates the need to ...

Virtualization Houston Business
How virtualization can cut your Houston Business IT Costs

As an IT Support vendor in Houston, we come across multiple companies who are still housing their servers and shares directly from the office. While years ago this was a great option, with today’s internet speeds and connectivity, it’s become possible to now virtualize your hardware and no longer have the need for physical hardware to be onsite at your Houston Business. Virtualization is simply taking a physical server and converting it into a virtual machine allowing it to be housed within a data center where the client no longer has to maintain any upgrades or concerns with data loss or disasters. Lantelligent will use a software like P2V which will do a direct conversion of an existing server and then move that server from your Houston office to their data center. They currently have a private data center that is located in the middle of Downtown Houston so connectivity ...

Houston Phone Systems PBX High Quality
A Fresh Look into Business Phone Systems for Houston

We are all aware that Houston companies today are making the move from the old style home phone to a fancy VoIP System where not only you have the ability to put calls on hold, transfer and an auto-attendant, but that also comes much cheaper than running lines through your entire building to make a phone call. All of this comes at a cost, at least, it used to. Today, technology has advanced and its becoming much easier, cost effective and simpler to get a fully featured phone system in your small to medium size business without breaking the bank (or really touching it). We have noticed some IT Companies in Houston are going around selling expensive phone systems, high-end over priced phones and are simply producing low quality calls, poor functionality and giving VoIP a bad name in general with the “sounds like I’m in a tunnel” call quality. ...

AutoCAD IT Support Houston
CAD / Graphics Rendering Remote Servers for Houston Businesses

When it comes to graphics rendering and CAD development, the thing we hear the most from our Houston clients is that their IT Support is recommending them to purchase multiple high-end (gaming style) PC’s for all their designers spending around $2,000 – $5,000 per machine, plus monitors and even a gaming style laptop for on the go. It’s a huge mess. Before you know it, the company has invested massive amount of money for each of their designers just to find their PC is going to need replacement in the next 5 years, repeating the cycle. Not to mention you now need a couple servers on top of that for all the designers to store their information and collaborate their efforts (as they should be doing). It’s ridiculous and its expensive; This type of logic can quickly drain your Houston business by simply repeating an endless cycle. Lantelligent takes a ...

Data Backup Houston Business
Data Backup & Recovery for Houston Companies

Data Backup & Recovery is an essential part of the day to day requirement for any business to not only be secure if there is a virus or hardware failure, but also for simple errors/mistakes like accidental deletion. There are a few approaches to Data Backup and I would like to review the benefits and disadvantages so your Houston company can remain protected 24/7. Cloud Backups Common today, a lot of IT Companies and Support Companies recommend using cloud backups as they are off-site and secure. This protects you against fire, flooding and typically any physical hardware failure that you run across at your Houston business. There are a few downfalls to cloud backups, one major being that they are typically slow if you have a large set of data and will kill your internet connection should they overrun into business operating hours. Also, being expensive with licensing and storage, ...